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Nyacko Pearl

Perry, MA

Associate Administrator

Nyacko Pearl Perry, MS in Organization Development with Distinction (American University); Founder and Lead Consultant, Yin Consulting; Managing Partner, All In Consulting; Organization Development Partner, Comfort Kitchen; Advisory Board Member, ABCD (Dorchester/Roxbury Site); 500-hour Professional Level Yoga Teacher; Afro Flow Yoga® Certified Instructor. Member, Group Relations International.


Nyacko Perry is an Organization Development Consultant with over a decade of experience working with small businesses, community organizations, and corporations to address racial inequalities, draft policy changes, and foster a culture where every individual of the organization feels a sense of belonging.


Through her data-driven, systems-based approach, she is able to gain a holistic view of the organization that centers the voices of the most marginalized to make sure they are heard, represented, and become part of that change process. In addition to consulting, Nyacko is the Organization Development Partner of Comfort Kitchen, a restaurant and community space that aims to transform the food industry from the inside out by centering the immigrant experience and their contribution to the food ecosystem in America, addressing disparities in the food industry, and prioritizing investing in the local food ecosystem.